Serving the county of Devon

Up to 19 hours a day, all year


Every second counts

We're here to ensure our patients get the very best care possible

Our role & responsibilities

Devon Air Ambulance Trading Company Limited (DAATCL) is a complex organisation, responsible for the operational side of the Devon Air Ambulance service.

DAATCL employs a diverse staff, from paramedics, doctors, pilots to support staff essential for the delivery of our service.

Our Vision: 24/7 Emergency Medical Service for the most critically ill and injured

Our Mission: Provision of emergency pre-hospital medical services, training, research and education for Devon and surrounding area

Patient Services

Specialist and enhanced paramedics alongside doctors make up the highly experienced crew of two emergency aircraft.

Helicopter Services

Our very experienced and knowledgable pilots and engineer ensure that we can get to where we need to go as quickly and safely as possible.

Education & Training

Our crews and emergency services guests meet monthly to examine specific incidents, review procedure and undertake training.

Our People

Our Trading Company Directors, Support Team, Helicopter Services and Patient Services personnel each have a role to play in this lifesaving service.

Serving Devon & Surrounding Area

Our crews serve patients in communities across the county. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Devon Air Ambulance Trust.

Our Patients

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do, from the moment we arrive to assist in an urgent situation, to the follow-up support and information they receive after being assisted by us.


Income comes from the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, which is tasked to raise the money needed to keep both aircraft flying. Funds raised go beyond fuelling the helicopter, paying salaries and enabling future developments, such as timely helicopter replacement, new offices and airbases and more.