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Chelton collaboration promotes awareness of good communication in service

By May 4, 2021March 7th, 2022Operations
GDAAS 2021 Exeter Quay, Paramedic Paul Robinson approaching the aircraft

Chelton Aerospace Connectivity provides Chelton Tetra radio systems for air ambulances across the UK including Devon Air Ambulance among them.

We recently collaborated with Chelton to create a film to raise awareness of the work air ambulance charities, like Devon Air Ambulance, undertakes daily to save lives, and to talk about how missions are aided by effective radio and audio systems.

Our Operations Manager, and Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care, Darren Goodwin says:

We regularly need to communicate by radio with colleagues in the police service, the ambulance service and even the fire service. Having an integrated system in both our helicopters is absolutely paramount. The Tetra System is not only robust and simple to use, but it means we can have point-to-point communications with the scene to make sure we get early updates on the condition of the patient. That means we can tailor the care when we arrive at scene.

‘Mission safety is critical to us here at Devon Air Ambulance. The Tetra System enables us not only to speak to our colleagues on the ground, but it also enables us to have point-to-point communications with other helicopters, other air ambulances or police helicopters responding to the same incident. This not only increases our situational awareness, but it increases our aviation safety when responding to an incident.

‘The system also enables us to speak to patients at the scene of an incident. This can be very valuable, especially when we require specific information, so we might be looking to locate the patient in a remote, rural location, such as Dartmoor or one of the coastal paths around Devon.

‘It also enables us to speak to patients or bystanders at incidents to gather further information about the condition of the patient while we are en-route. This can help us to plan our mission and our onward transport to specialist treatment centres, or for us to prepare to deliver our enhanced or critical care when we arrive at scene.’

With thanks to Credit RaffStarStudio Rafal Zakrewski for the image.
Please note, that in the video Chelton Aerospace Connectivity may be referred to as Cobham and has since been rebranded.