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Continuing Airworthiness

Continuing Airworthiness is the responsibility of the aircraft operator. It is the process by which an aircraft is kept in a condition where it remains airworthy throughout its life, or in other words technically fit for flight.

The operator must ensure that no flight takes place unless:

  • The aircraft is maintained in an airworthy condition.
  • Any operational and emergency equipment fitted is correctly installed and serviceable or clearly identified as unserviceable.
  • The airworthiness certificate remains valid.
  • The maintenance of the aircraft is performed by the engineering contractor in accordance with the approved maintenance programme.

In order to assist with this process, DAA has a contract with a specialist provider who provides to us a specifically nominated and CAA approved Continuing Airworthiness Manger (CAM).

This individual works closely with DAA Flight Operations Director and Licensed Aircraft Engineer looking at all aspects from airworthiness ranging from contractor base maintenance content and procedures to unscheduled events.

Such problems may be reported by a pilot away from base and could require an opinion on fitness to fly back to base or remain in a field until rectified by engineers.

3 paramedics kneel in 'ready set go' position in front of aircraft