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Information Governance

Reliable, accurate and safe handling of information is essential for:

  • Safe and effective treatment of patients
  • Safeguarding personal identifying information of patients and staff
  • Supporting clinical governance, research and development
  • Service planning
  • Performance management
  • Liaison with other services involved in the care of individual patients
  • Liaison with other services involved in strategy and planning of patient services and care

Information Governance is the framework for managing information in support of these operational requirements in line with our legal and regulatory requirements.

At DAATCL, this starts with our organisation wide Information Governance Strategy Framework.  This sets out our commitments in relation to information governance, accountability, transparency and security.

The systems, procedures and processes we have in place to put these commitments into practice are then set out in detail through our Information Governance Policy, Management of Clinical Records Policy and Patient Engagement Policy and Procedures.