Our Aircraft

The charity currently operates two Airbus EC 135 helicopters; one based at Eaglescott, the other at Exeter Airport.

They are both crewed by one pilot and up to three clinical specialists and can accommodate one patient on a stretcher.

The Exeter helicopter is equipped with specialist night-vision equipment allowing it to be operated during the hours of darkness with Night Vision Goggle (NVG) trained crews.

The aircraft has a cruising speed of 140 mph for close to an hour when delivering specialist care directly to patients and then transporting them to the most appropriate hospital for continued care if required.

The charity replaced the older EC 135 with a new Airbus H145 in 2020, going online in November that year.

The new helicopter will provide an increase in space and the interior layout, which will greatly improve access to patients and provide a better environment for the clinicians to deliver the excellent enhanced clinical care that DAA can now offer.

An increase in Maximum All Up Weight (MAUW) will allow additional fuel to be carried that will improve our operational capability as our current aircraft occasionally need refuelling at the extremes of our operating area before returning to base.