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There are many links in the chain of survival and in relation to Devon Air Ambulance, these include our supporters who fund our service and other clinical teams and agencies we work alongside.
To enable us to continue delivering the very best care to patients, we feel it is essential to engage both of these groups so they have a good understanding of what Devon Air Ambulance provides to patients, and for other clinical teams or agencies, what they can do to help prepare for our arrival if we are called to work alongside them at an incident.
If you are a supporter, or would like to become a supporter of Devon Air Ambulance, please find out what we can offer to support your knowledge and awareness of our service.
If you are a clinician working in the pre-hospital environment, or an in-hospital clinician receiving patients we deliver to your department, we run Outreach sessions which are a combination of familiarisation of our service and the treatment and intervention we provide, alongside details of how landing areas and patients can be best prepared for our arrival to help us save vital minutes when a patient’s life depends on it. Please see below for links to our upcoming Outreach events.