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Delivering training sessions like SIM War is an effective way for our crew to keep their knowledge and skills honed. Delivering critical care in simulations with other clinicians who are less experienced mirrors real life when working alongside staff not able to deliver critical care interventions and is a fabulous and fun training experience.

SIM War is a collaboration between Devon Air Ambulance and Plymouth University. Each year the University run an intercollegiate course for trainee doctors from around the UK and to help prepare provide them a sound understanding of the challenges face by pre-hospital clinicians, Devon Air Ambulance runs ‘SIM War on the Moor’.

Funded by the Universities programme, our clinical team hosts a series of pre-hospital training and simulation challenges designed to expand the knowledge and experience of the participants.

This is also a great opportunity for Devon Air Ambulance staff to enhance their knowledge and run simulations that draw upon the experience our service gained in treating seriously ill and injured patients, and helping the doctors of tomorrow develop the knowledge and experience that could one day save someone’s life. Collaborative activities like this help provide each profession with a greater understanding of the challenges the other faces, ultimately benefitting the care we provide our patients.