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Flight operations

Our helicopters are arguably the most visible part of the charity and as such it is imperative both for this reason and the safety of all onboard and around the aircraft that the flying operations that are conducted by the charity are safe.

Flight Operations are overseen and managed by a number of key DAA postholders who are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority prior to commencing their duties. These include the CEO, who is the Accountable Manager, Flight Operations and Ground Operations Director, Chief Training Captain and Continuing Airworthiness Manager.

It is the role of the Flight Operations department to maintain the overall operating and training standards of the flight operations and operating crew and ensure compliance with all applicable legislation.

As an operator, flight operations is responsible for ensuring that the standards and practices of our contracted engineering provider are closely adhered to. All our activities are regularly audited both by external inspectors from the CAA and internal flight training and compliance monitoring staff.

In preparation for the new helicopter our engineers undertook courses to familiarize themselves with the engines, airframe and avionics. The pilots commenced a one-week ground school in early 2020 followed by a very busy week at a simulator in Germany and further flying on the new helicopter once delivered. Our Paramedics and doctors received their type-specific training on the H145 helicopter prior to its launch in November 2020.

H145 aircraft landing at the RDE hospital