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About our Patient Liaison Clinicians

By February 13, 2020March 7th, 2022Patient Support

DAATCL’s Patient Liaison Clinicians (PLC) are Kate Adlam, Adrian Parker and Paul Robinson. The role of the PLC is to provide support to the patients and families of those that have been attended by our aircrew paramedics and doctors, whether they have been airlifted, ground assisted (with our paramedics and doctors travelling in the road ambulance) or treated on scene. This is a purely patient focused supporting role where the welfare of our patients is paramount.

We are attempting to contact every patient DAA have attended, this can either be by letter, telephone or by visiting the patients in the hospital or their own home after being discharged from hospital. Some patients we are unable to contact as we may not have been able to gain their details at the time of their accident or illness, for example if they were not conscious and not with friends or family. By talking to our patients, we can gain an insight into their view of the care we provided at scene and the issues they encounter after their ordeal and during their recovery. We can use this information to help support them wherever possible and help us shape and develop the future care and treatment we provide.

We have a large database of charities that we have identified as suitable for the type of patients we attend; we are in regular contact with these charities and have helped signpost many of our patients to them for further advice and support. We are also able to refer patients and their families to a legal team who work with us to support our patients through these difficult times. They can help by providing a free and comprehensive legal service to the patients of Devon Air Ambulance, giving support when independent legal assistance is most needed, helping with financial issues, welfare benefits, housing and employment issues to name but a few.